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#goodvibesonly vs. Toxic Positivity

You may have noticed the hashtag that we used on many of our posts “#goodvibesonly

I was thinking about this statement last night and thought I would share some of our thoughts on the statement…

This has been a hard season for so many people, ourselves included. There are very few good days in the Travel Industry at the moment. Our daily job has gone from sending people on memorable and happy trips to becoming Refund Processors, Advice Interpreters and Admin Assistants to the airlines and Tour Operators. We’ve resigned ourselves to thinking that 2020 is a write-off for the majority of International Travel and the fact of the matter is that business is unlikely to pick up until at least Spring 2021.

NB. in no way do we equate our inconvenience and stress to other situations such as bereavement and financial hardship as a result of Covid-19.

In spite of the above we make a constant effort to ensure that our office has a good atmosphere and clients leave feeling better for having popped in. I’m sure you’ll agree our team are a lovely bunch; their care for clients and energy for the job bursts out of them. Amongst the smiles we all have our good days and bad days… both are welcome. I’m generally upbeat and like to think of better days ahead but I have bad days too. On my bad days I’ve been able to rely on the team to make up for my mood and often take on difficult tasks on my behalf to lighten the load. One Friday lunchtime that we were both feeling particularly fed up Angie ordered Carb-Filled lunches, cracked open a couple of beers and turned the tunes up… what a way to induce “That Friday Feeling”.

We never want our use of #goodvibesonly to be confused with Toxic or Forced Positivity because it’s unrealistic and quite frankly exhausting.

What Toxic Positivity looks like:

- Fake it ’til you make it

- Making you feel bad for having an off day/week/season

- Absence of honest feedback

- Depression shaming

What #goodvibesonly looks like:

- Kindness

- Perseverance

- Looking outward

- Hope for the future

- Honesty

- Support

- Finding the GOOD in the middle of hard times

No matter what you’re going through there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

If we can support you in any way let us know. We’re not just a business… we are real people who care about all of you.

Much Love, Vanessa xx

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