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Over 200million people travel to and from the UK every year.

At The Good Travel Company we want to set ourselves apart as the people that you can trust to handle your holiday bookings & travel money. We want to make sure that you get the best value so that you can relax and enjoy your hard earned holiday!


We are a totally independent family business based in Ayrshire.

Director, Vanessa Good (36) is an award winning entrepreneur with a passion to see the High Street thriving once again. The original family business was founded by Vanessa's great grandfather, James B Good, in 1952.

Vanessa's father, Richard the main driving force behind the currency business Stonefield, sadly passed away in November 2015.


"Entrepreneurial spirit is in our blood and thankfully Dad was a great business mentor. 

Now, four generations and a few changes down the line we have ended up with a great business in The Good Travel Company."      

--  Vanessa Good, Director  -


Anyway, enough about us! We would love to hear from you.

Visit one of our stores or drop us a message.

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